Now Hiring in Three Cities

Evergreen Coaching & Counseling is excited to announce that we are hiring for three full-time staff. We are looking for full-time Counselor/Clinical Supervisors in our Champaign, Peoria, and Springfield branches. A Counselor & Clinical Supervisor must have a Master’s Degree and be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker or Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the State of Illinois. The job description is as follows:

Job Description: Counselor & Clinical Supervisor

Job responsibilities and provisions of your employment as a Counselor & Clinical Supervisor include:

  • Providing mental health counseling services to clients at any of the Evergreen offices, including approved online platforms.
  • Providing Clinical Supervision to non-clinically licensed counselors (LSW or LPC) in the branch location, and may provide remote supervision as needed.
  • This is a full-time position, requiring an average of 28 billable sessions per week by the end of the sixth month of employment and on an ongoing basis thereafter. Each supervisee counts as a weekly billable session.
  • Compensation rates are as follows:
    • As an LCSW or LCPC you will be paid 55% of all funds collected within thirty (30) days of receipt of paid insurance claims, fees, and copayments.
    • For private pay counseling clients you see, for which you charge less than $35.00 per session, you will be reimbursed one-hundred percent (100%) of that fee collected. For private pay counseling clients that you see, for which you charge between $35.00 and $70.00 per session, you will be reimbursed thirty-five dollars. For private pay counseling clients that you see, for which you charge more than $70.00 per session, you will be paid at the rate of 55%.
    • For other clinical and professional duties as agreed upon we will negotiate a rate of payment for services which may be a percentage of fees collected or a flat rate. Negotiated fees will be agreed upon in writing (including electronic format) and documented accordingly.
    • For Clinical Supervision, competitive compensation rates will be established. 
  • Evergreen Coaching and Counseling will bear operational costs associated with your practice in the company, except:
    • Advertisement in publications like Psychology Today.
    • Your individual professional liability policy (which should include coverage of at least $1,000,000/$3,000,000).
    • Incidental purchases you choose to make (e.g., decorations for your office, or therapy materials you wish to purchase).
  • Evergreen Coaching and Counseling will provide $200 annually in discretionary funds commonly used for professional development, but used for any professional need that is approved by the President.
  • You agree to carry your own malpractice insurance (as referenced above).
  • Evergreen Coaching and Counseling will assist in all credentialing procedures and you are expected to assist us in that regard (e.g., maintaining your CAQH profile, sending copies of your license to our credentialing manager, etc.).
  • There are no special provisions of non-competition, meaning that you are free to work any other jobs during your tenure at Evergreen. 
  • You agree to follow the professional codes of ethics of NASW or NBCC regarding client care, maintenance of confidentiality, treatment of records, and all other professional matters. 
  • As a counselor within the practice, you have the right and responsibility to manage your professional duties including:
    • Securing clients and responding to referrals that are sent to you.
    • Managing your schedule.
    • Maintaining a minimum caseload of six clients per week.
    • Determining the maximum size of the caseload that you wish to see.
    • Seeking appropriate peer supervision as needed.
    • Attending staff meetings as directed.
    • Completing assessments and treatment plans in a timely fashion.
    • Completing treatment notes within one week of the session. 
    • Complying with federal, state, local, and company policies and procedures.
    • Cooperate/collaborate with Director(s) of Finance and Human Resources to maintain necessary credentialing/paneling with insurance providers.
    • Maintaining necessary licensure to practice in the state of Illinois.
  • Full-time counselors are eligible for benefits including health, dental, and vision insurance, and a Simple IRA retirement plan.